Easy Linx

Wireless Technologies Specifically Designed for Casinos

For years, it has been an industry standard to offer online systems that are technically complex, either due to inheritance of outdated technologies, or past technical requirements. Installation could take weeks, especially if the casino is not yet cabled to the required network standards. Cabling is especially difficult with slot islands, and most times the only option is to shut the casino down to run underground pipes.

Network cables have a lot going against them. Not only they are difficult to install, but they do not offer standard security. It relies on physical equipment safety in order to maintain an acceptable level of security. It's virtually impossible to keep cables from hundreds of machines hidden from potential fraud. Cables do not carry any standard security, and hacking becomes simple if a wire is exposed.

With this in mind, Comtech designed Easy Linx Wireless Network, counting on high capacity equipment capable of securely hosting hundreds of slots.

Our wireless network matches security standards used by banks to transfer funds via web. We use multi-layer encryption technologies to transfer and store data. No efforts are spared to maintain safety and integrity to the system and its data.

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